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3D/2D Animations and Stills

Experimental 3D Animations
Not commercial projects, just testing my skills and abilities. This helps me to understand and learn the functions of various 3D programmes.
Take a look at my newest showreel from 2016.
Used softwares:
3Ds Max and various plugins, After Effects with Element 3D, Unreal Engine, Adobe Premiere

Recent additions

For the Innocents - first teaser trailer

Year: 2017



  • Broadcast design for Karcag TV, Season 2009

  • Broadcast Design for Debrecen TV, Season 2010

  • Commercial projects for Team Academy, 2010 

  • "Robotok" animation short, 2012

  • "Robotok" aired on BuSho short film Festival

  • "The Chest" screenplay trailer, 2012

  • "The Chest" aired on KAFF, 2012

  • Broadcast design for Karcag TV, Season 2012

  • Animation sequences for TV documentaries, 2013

  • Digic Graphic Contest 2014 - 5th place

  • Showreel 2015

  • Startup company founded in 2016

  • Received the prestigious Unreal Dev Grant


"The Chest" old 2D screenplay trailer

Year: 2014

3D Gallery

For the innocents

For the Innocents
This is the title of my upcoming animated short. I spent months to clean up the story, which is deep enough to touch the people`s heart. I want to believe that.
There are many serious troubles in the world nowadays. A lot of people are starving, suffering from pain and fear. This is an anti-war story. I try to show how vulnerable we are, and sometimes there is no escape... maybe only one. The bad one. Are we humans anymore?
The Plot
This is a story about a little girl, who lives in a warzone. This conflict is fictional, but it can anywhere happen in the world.
She is homeless, she starves, pain and fear are present in her everyday life. Her parents are gone. Her only friend is a toy rabbit, a silent but heart warming companion.
One day, an airstrike hit the ruined city. The people are running for their lives. The enemy soldiers opening fire on the civilians. The city in flames. Are somebody manage to escape? Maybe the little girl?
Technical specs
I hope finally this is my last animated short, after this I can moving toward to a 2D feature film. That means I have the required technical background to produce longer animations. Yay!
The whole production are being made with 3 computers. These are high end machines, the main computer has a triple videocard system inside it (2x Nvidia GTX 1070 + GTX 960). So, there is a render-farm on board! And of course there is a touchscreen monitor for the faster production value.
The software I use is the 3ds Max combined with Vray RT, the average rendertime is 1 minute/frame (1920x1080p) which is far beyond my expectation. The composition are being made with Adobe After Effects. 
Thats all I wanted to share this time. If I share more information, that may ruin the power of surprise. Be prepared for more updates. Anyway I`m looking for a good producer, if you want to invest on my films feel free to contact me. Or somebody has a good idea, just drop me a line. Stay tuned, folks! :) Oh and enjoy this tiny gallery.

The Chest - an animated feature in the drawer (old version)

Well, let`s see...
The Chest originally was a plan of an animated film-noir feature. The story was written by Janos Andriska and Ferenc Vincze. It is a cancelled/frozen project for a while, because of the lack of time and financial hardships. Who knows, never say never.
The story dated back in the 1960`s communist era in Budapest and the rural Hungary. The two main characters are agents at the Hungarian NBH (National Defense Bureau). They investigating a very bizarre crime scene. Soon everyting are getting serious, and they find themselves in a very big trouble. Occultism, witchcraft, ancient curses. The trails leads them to a mysterious chest.
I think this is an interesting story between two world perspective: the communist materialism and the occultism, and shows the inner fight of the story characters. They are sometimes unable to decide which is the true way to solve this mystery. Are they fail at the end?
With the visual storytelling we have a good reflection from the "golden age" of the System, often called the "ghoulash communism". Everyday life, the people`s beliefs, social and cultural background of this era.
Show More
Some early previews
I thought, these picture was forever lost until I found an old promotional DVD of this film (in a mysterical way, of course). Sorry for the bad render quality, these are from the very early stages of the animation, but I`m glad that I found them. They are a piece of history.


My very first animated short
It started with this short animation. I know, it`s unprofessional, dull, but that time I was very proud of it. And it was selected in some festival program. Seeing my animation first time on the "Big Screen" was priceless :)
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