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The Chest: our first animated feature

Watch the teaser trailer:

This is an animated film noir, with a strong, mythical storyline. The story takes place in a Central-European country, Hungary. It takes place in the 1960s, but it has a postmodern scenery: beautiful cars from that era, shiny neon lights, cool fashion, the dawn of modern spy technologies.
An archaeologist professor and his workers opening an ancient chest containing the remains of a witch as well as an angry cursed soul set on mayhem. Two agents of the new, nervous government are dispatched to investigate these supernatural events that so obviously threaten the Party's policy of radical materialism.
But soon they find themselves in the middle of an out-of-control conspiracy.
Of course the story is fictitious, but its historical background is real. There was a system in which everything was under control, everything was described and planned. People had to follow the materialistic ideology and dogmas, which affected their everyday life. In the film this changes with a series of unexplainable events. An entity with supernatural powers escapes and that doesn't fit exactly with the ideology of materialism.

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